A post-migrant festival, interdisciplinary productions, a workshop for contemporary playwrights, performance in digital space or an intercultural project space in Mülheim’s city centre: the projects of vier.ruhr are many, diverse and artistically challenging. They embody the different orientations of the three theatre institutions in Mülheim and their new connections to each other.


Project space

The vier.zentrale is the joint project space of vier.ruhr in the city centre of Mülheim. For several years now, Ringlokschuppen Ruhr, Silent University and the Bildungsnetzwerk Innenstadt have been jointly designing the dezentrale project space in the city centre. Now Theater an der Ruhr and Mülheimer Theatertage “Stücke” are moving in. The dezentrale becomes vier.zentrale and is exemplary for the interplay between theatre, city and society. Together, new possibilities are explored, events and encounter formats between theatre and city society are realised. The space at Leineweberstr. 14-17, which has been redesigned by visual artist Irene Pätzug, was originally scheduled to open on 9 May 2020. Due to the current Corona pandemic, the date will probably be postponed to September 2020 and published as soon as possible.

Das Dekameron

Digitales Livetheater

The introduction to Giovanni Boccaccio’s THE DECAMERON reads as if what we are experiencing has all been there before. The plague is raging in Florence in 1348, people are afraid and no longer go out. Some celebrate the end of the world, others try to stop the decay of morals and keep up morale. In this situation, seven women and three men take refuge from the plague in a country house. Unable to leave the house, they begin to tell each other stories that play with the wavering order, new love relationships and social fantasy. We have invited ten artistic teams closely associated with the Theater an der Ruhr, the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr and the Mülheimer Theatertage “Stücke” to tell stories from their “country house”, from their quarantine, and to share them with us.

Digital Communities

Experimental social media channel

By exploring hybrid aesthetics and new modes of production, we also question the ways and forms of communication with our audience online. We have engaged three artists to cover the social media channels of vier.ruhr for the coming year. The central hub is our Instagram channel, which makes journalistic reference to the programme of vier.ruhr, but also plays and experiments with artistic and narrative forms at the interface of theatre, art and online media. The artistic social media editorial team consists of three artists, each bringing their own mix of performance, visual arts and literature to the table:

Pooyesh Frozandeh studied directing in Tehran (Iran) and is currently studying theatre studies and art history in Bochum. As a performer and dancer, he can be seen on stage in productions by Amirhossein Mashaherifard and also realises his own projects as a director.
Marie Sturm is a fine arts artist. She paints, writes, is a video and performance artist in addition to being a member of the curatorial team of the gallery “Gold + Beton” in Cologne.
Together, these three are developing a creative voice and fourth dimension on the web. They forge new connections and open up a shared digital space for exchange with and about art, theatre and society.


A Project of the Mülheimer Theatertage

As part of the StückeWorkshop, 4 authors work together with 4 directors on a theatrical text and its realisation, free from the pressure of time and competition. Experienced mentors accompany the work and renowned theatres give the tandems space to test the texts.

The participants of the Mülheimer StückeWorkshop 2020/21 are:
Caren Jeß with Petra Schönwald, Partner-Theatre: Schauspiel Stuttgart
Anne Lepper with Alia Luque, Partner-Theater: Schauspiel Hannover
Mehdi Moradpour with Rieke Süßkow, Partner-Theatre: Schauspielhaus Wien
Nele Stuhler with Franz Xaver Mayr, Partner-Theatre: Residenztheater München


A project of the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr Second edition on the 10th of October 2020

Diverse artists, versatile forms – HundertPro is going into its second round! In the hope of a rapid improvement of the current situation, Ringlokschuppen Ruhr is preparing for the new edition of the festival and invites post-migrant young artists from a wide range of genres to apply until 17 May 2020.

For this year’s new edition, works ranging from contemporary dance, theatre and performance to comedy, stand-up, spoken word, physical theatre and Cirque Nouveau are being sought. Once again, many new works and formats will be performed in short and pointed slots. A festival for the whole community, HundertPro!

Unterwerfung /
Gegen den Strich

A production at the Theater an der Ruhr

Text: Houellebecq/Huysmans
Production: Philipp Preuss
Premiere: 27th. of february 2020

The protagonists of Joris-Karl Huysman’s decadent novel “Against the Grain” (1884) and Michel Houellebecq’s scandalous novel “Submission” (2015) both sit at a richly laid table and yet they pine for something that satisfies their hunger for meaning. While one celebrates a radical withdrawal from society, the other faces a fundamental systemic change under the sign of political Islam.

“A beautiful space that becomes very intimate […] and allows us to get much closer to these stories, these disguises, these disturbances of the characters than if we were sitting in the hall.”

Deutschlandfunk Kultur

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The Sinking of the Titanic

A production at the Theater an der Ruhr

Text: Hans Magnus Enzensberger
Director: Philipp Preuss
Premiere: 19th. of september 2019

The actual sinking of the Titanic in 1912 lasted two hours and forty minutes, and even today this steamship sinks again and again. Hans Magnus Enzensberger describes this sinking in thirty-three songs at different times between 1912 and 1978. Likewise, the places change: Berlin, Havana and on the various decks of the Titanic, which separated the social classes on the ship and thus also the chances of getting on one of the lifeboats.

„So it is frighteningly fitting that director Philipp Preuss, at the Theater an der Ruhr, dedicates himself to that greatest and most inspiring of all shipwrecks. […] The crack in the room, the announced catastrophe, opens up as an electronic radio play installation – just as the whole evening is a cleverly rhythmic sound game.“


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A project of the Ringlokschuppen Ruhr

Erste Ausgabe am 05. Oktober 2019

Diverse, multi-ethnic and post-migrant – our society is in a constant state of change. This reality will be (re-)presented in a new festival. A post-migrant festival for young artists in marathon format! A total of 16 works by around 53 artists could be seen on two stages. From contemporary dance, theatre and performance to comedy, stand-up, spoken word, physical theatre and Cirque Nouveau, the most diverse art forms were presented on an equal footing.

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