A new art and project space in the city centre of Mülheim an der Ruhr.

Bild: Stephan Glagla

A place for new art, education and encounter formats, for the interplay of theatre, city and society., Mülheim’s theatre alliance allies itself with the Bildungsnetzwerk Innenstadt and the Silent University.

Due to the measures to contain the pandemic, the vier.zentrale is unfortunately currently closed and there are no face-to-face meetings.

Partners of vier.zentrale:

Silent University

The Silent University is an autonomous knowledge and exchange platform for academics who have fled or are seeking asylum. Refugees who come to Germany are initially not allowed to work. They cannot use their knowledge and skills, and university degrees are often not recognised. Here, refugees and asylum seekers become lecturers and advisors.

Bildungsnetzwerk Innenstadt

In the city centre aswell as in the districts of Eppinghofen and Styrum, many efforts are being made to improve the educational opportunities of children and young people and to strengthen parents in their competences. In order to enable children’s fair participation in education, representatives of educational institutions, parents, clubs, associations, organisations and people of all cultures want to and have to work together in partnership.

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